Does Tubal Ligation Cause Weight Gain?

does tubal ligation cause weight gain

Few women experience tubal ligation symptoms after getting their tubes tied and also have some abnormal side effects, but most women do not report such problems after the procedure. However, there are no accurate statistics on the percentage of women who experience symptoms.

Many patients find their way to solve the post tubal ligation syndrome by adapting tubal reversal surgery either to restore fertility or to get treated for tubal ligation symptoms. Many women have this doubt in mind Does tubal ligation cause weight gain? In this article, let us learn the tubal ligation symptoms and know if it causes weight gain.

Tubal Ligation Symptoms                                                                                      

When tubal ligation is done by laparoscopic method, a gas will be injected into the abdomen, which rather stretches the skin. Hence, one finds the changes in weight as the skin loses its elasticity as it cannot snap back.

Heavy periods, increased bloating, excessive cramping during periods, and pelvic discomfort are some of the common symptoms of tubal ligation. Few women also complain of weight gain, decreased sex drive, pelvic pain and depression after tubal ligation.

Side Effects of Tubal Ligation

Most women who undergo tubal ligation will not face problems or side effects. In some of them who experience problems after tubal ligation, it may or may not be related to the actual procedure. Many patients who have problems related to tubal ligation opt for tubal reversal surgery and find improvement with it.

does tubal ligation cause weight gain

Post Tubal LigationSyndrome

PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome) is the adverse reaction that a woman experiences after the tubal ligation surgery. The reason for this adverse reaction is the disruption of the blood passing through the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes during the surgical treatment or breakdown of estrogen.

Generally, most women opt for tubal ligation in their late thirty’s or early forty’s and it is during that time most of them put on weight, but few blame that they have gained weight because of tubal ligation instead of blaming their increased appetites. There can be mild changes in the body condition, but there cannot be drastic changes!! So, the answer to the question that haunts most women is that tubal ligation may cause little changes, but nothing drastic.