Heavy Periods after Tubal Ligation 



The most commonly used method of family planning is tubal sterilization. However, for more than a decade, the post tubal ligation condition of menstrual irregularities has been the topic of debate. In this article, let us discuss about heavy periods after tubal ligation.

If one experiences heavy vaginal bleeding or has missed out the period after tubal ligation, it is advisable to immediately consult their doctor. Although bleeding for long periods is common and not very serious after tubal ligation surgery, nausea, fever and pain should not be accompanied as this can be a symptom of infection. If this is the case, antibiotics are required for treating the infection. If one ignores the treatment, there are possibilities of developing serious complications.

Bleeding lightly for short period after tubal ligation without the above symptoms is normal. However, the pain should only be related with gas (in abdomen, shoulder), which actually subsides on its own after about two to three days or even less, or straight from the surgical injuries. In case there’s pain and/or one has fever and/or one can feel heat without or with bleeding, this indicates an infection.


Therefore, you should raise a concern related to post tubal ligation symptom with your doctor if you experience this. The doctor will be able to assess it and regulate the cause and accordingly advise treatment.

Few studies signify that those who undergo the procedure will have heavy periods after tubal ligation and there are also possibilities of pregnancy. Apart from this, many women complain that they come across depression and anxiety. This could be because of the blood supply to the ovaries being blocked, leading to hormonal changes. However, the medical community firmly believes that tubal ligation is effective and safe and moreover many women do not have problems related to hormonal changes. Thus, post tubal ligation does not cause menstrual abnormalities or heavy bleeding, but one has to ensure that they do not have any symptoms of fever, nausea or pain as these are the symptoms of infection, which has to be immediately addressed to avoid post tubal ligation complications.