Introduction to Tubal Ligation and Its Side Effects

side effects of tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is a procedure to control women’s fallopian tubes. It is one of the permanent solutions for birth control. Just after the process, the egg gets stuck to the ovary and does not move through the tubes to uterus.Hence,the sperm cannot reach the egg in the fallopian tube after ovulation. As a result of this, pregnancy gets blocked permanently. Many women perform the operation so as to avail multiple benefits offered from the government. But side effects of tubal ligation also stand as an aspect that makes many to think up on.

It is also called BTL as an abbreviation forBilateral Tubal Ligation,which is also a process where the tubes are tied. Most of the women undergo tubal ligation just after child birth. However, it’s an option one can go for to perform the same operation just after child birth on the same day. More than 190 million couple in the world believe the process to be one of the safest ways to permanently control child birth.

side effects of tubal ligation

Prior to 1960, female sterilization was preferred only for aged ladies who did not tend to get pregnant or who were quite prone to low immunity. But later with advancement in medical technology, this process was considered as the safest way to perform child birth surgery and female sterilization got hype worldwide.

Now let us understand what are the risks associated or the side effects of tubal ligation.

Just like any other surgery, this is also associated anaesthesia. However, the threat of damage of surrounding organs, infection and bleeding also persist, but the matter of fact is that tubal ligation is considered as one of the safest waysfor female sterilization with below 1% of complication.

There are many incidents that have occurred where women are seen getting pregnant even after tubal ligation. About one out of 200 operated women with tied tubes has the chances to get pregnant but it is highly rare. But in case the woman gets pregnant after tubal ligation, there is a chance of ectopic pregnancy where the pregnancy tends to start at the exterior part of the uterus (most likely in the fallopian tube). Such type of pregnancy is quite critical and needs intense medical assistance – it is also pretty dangerous.