Tubal Ligation Cost & Common Misconceptions

tubal ligation cost

Tubal ligation is generally defined as “Getting Your Tubes Tied”. In this article, let us understand the tubal ligation cost, entire process and common misconception about this process.

It involves a surgical sterilization wherein the woman’s fallopian tubes are cut, blocked or tied. This is for females, who want permanent birth control process. It is considered to be the permanent birth control process, which makes a woman sterile permanently. Tubal ligation cost involves a one-time expenditure when compared to other forms of birth control. It actually enables women to save money over time.

Tips to Understand Tubal Ligation Better

Firstly, we need to understand that the hormones are in no way affected because of tubal ligation. The surgery does not affect the menstrual cycle and hormonal flow in the body and they rather remain normal. However, women who take birth control pills preceding the surgery might have issues related to the menstrual cycle and the cycle to get back to normal will take some time.

You need to think twice on getting tubal ligation done. Ensure that you would not want child in the future. Though tubal ligation reversal process can be done, it is largely expensive and moreover there is no guarantee that you may conceive again.

The tubal ligation cost is quite expensive, but it can be claimed from health insurance (if any).The coverage will need 48 hours to 30 days waiting period. Hence, doctors also advise for a waiting period for tubal ligation and moreover women can utilise this time for making a final decision.

Tubal Ligation Cost without Insurance Claim

For those who don’t have a valid insurance to cover the process, the cost of sterilization procedures ranges from $1,500 to $6,000. Most insurance companies will cover at least part of the cost of the procedure, and as part ofAffordable Care Act, insurance plans must now cover contraception and sterilization completely.

tubal ligation cost

Once tubal ligation is done, women need not resort to any kind of birth control to avoid pregnancy. The procedure is said to be 100% effective in preventing conception and the probabilities of failure is very less, may be one in 200 women may have become pregnant after undergoing ligation.

When you have plans to get C-section done instead of natural birth during your delivery, it is better to decide on tubal ligation.

In a nutshell, if you ask – what is tubal ligation, then it’s a surgical sterilization process, which has been accepted and adopted by many women and as an alternative, few women choose tubal implants as they carry out a similar function, but the insertion is non-surgical. Therefore, women need to compare the tubal ligation cost and the process with the other birth control techniques, and also read about possible side effects of tubal ligation before undergoing the surgery; this will help them take a wise decision!